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Bobbie and Tom Merrill’s blog posts offer simple, yet transformational insights for improving all of your relationships, ranging from your relationship with your self, your partner, your children and your friends to your relationship with the environment, other cultures and species, and our world.

The Kindness Zone

Kindness. Oh, what a wonderful word, one that holds unlimited possibilities and promises. A word that appears so simple, yet when examined is also incredibly complex and becomes even more so as its various nuances and permutations begin to surface. Search for Kindness To adequately delve into the subject of Kindness is a somewhat daunting proposition and certainly deserves far more than one blog to help both [...]

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The Hidden Power of the Truth

If a respected mentor told you that full transparency between you and others would dramatically improve your life, while also healing our hurting world, would you have the courage to open yourself to new levels of transparency between yourself and others? The Power of Transparency Although full transparency has the power to improve all of our lives and elevate our world, it's a subtle power we can't [...]

By |June 29th, 2020|Categories: Kindness, Parenting, Partnerships, Personal Growth, Truth & Transparency|1 Comment
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